• Commenced employment with Oliver Freaney in Dundalk in 1982 as a trainee accountant.
  • Local partners bought out company in October 1986 and was rebranded as Connolly Fee & McGailey
  • Qualified as a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in 1988
  • Became a manager in the firm
  • Set up my own practice in 2002 Mullen Staunton with David Staunton
  • In 2014 the partnership was dissolved and I commenced practice in my own right



Tommy Mullen FCCA, Certified Accountant, 4/5 Eimear Court, Market Square, Dundalk, Co. Louth

Phone 042-9329928| Fax 042-9329929 | Mobile 087-2566350


Tommy Mullen FCCA

Certified Accountant

4/5 Eimear Court Market Square


Co. Louth

Phone 042-9329928
Fax 042-9329929
Mobile 087-2566350